Making A Splash With BlueTriton Brands 

BlueTriton Brands (formerly Nestlé Waters North America) was born from an acquisition by One Rock Capital in 2021. The company offers an unrivaled portfolio of water brands for healthy hydration, including Poland Spring® Brand 100% Natural Spring Water, Splash, and Pure Life®. They also own and operate ReadyRefresh®, a customizable water and beverage delivery service. 

Due to the need to stand up new HR systems by the end of 2021, BlueTriton Brands needed key HR functions delivered in eight months. These included Core HR, Payroll, Benefits, Time & Attendance, and Talent, as well as business (IT) operations to support HR functions. 

BlueTriton Brands had been operating 49 disparate HR systems, making it difficult to quickly access information and make informed, data driven decisions. Many key HR processes relied on paper forms which limited access to data and often led to long resolution times. These inefficient, manual processes stunted their business growth and ability to manage operations effectively, leading to a poor employee experience. 

BlueTriton Brands needed a partner to deliver a massive HCM transformation with multiple vendors and integrations in a highly accelerated timeframe of 8 months. If the transformation did not successfully meet this timeframe, there would be no backup HR systems available as Nestlé Waters HR systems and employee data would no longer be available to the company. 

BlueTriton Brands used this need as an opportunity to modernize their systems, processes, and capabilities. To meet their goals, the project would involve multiple vendors, modules, phases, and integrations to ensure an enterprise- wide transformation. AspireHR was selected by One Rock Capital and BlueTriton Brands as their strategic partner and advisor for this project. 


  • Current operations distributed data across 49 systems, making quick access to information difficult 
  • No back-up TSA option was available 
  • Complex project required an 8-month accelerated HCM rollout and involved multiple modules, vendors, and integrations 
  • 100+ locations were involved for clock configuration and distribution 


  • AspireHR worked with BlueTriton Brands to consolidate their legacy systems to a single cloud SaaS tenant for agility, dynamic governance, self-service and automation capabilities, and to allow for data-driven decisions 
  • SAP SuccessFactors was chosen as the ideal HCM solution and implementation was rolled out in a phased approach